I started Plumster35 Cards in March 2017 after re-energizing my passion for trading cards. I began with doing online breaks and purchasing my own boxes and haven’t looked back since.

Now, I have opened my own site as well as two established eBay stores, and I am entering the online group breakers market. I don’t want anyone feeling burned after buying into breaks and receiving no cards, so at Plumster35 Cards, I am ensuring no group break goes “hitless.”

If your team gets no cards in our breaks, I will send you “hit” cards from my own collection based on the break purchase value. However, it may not be the same product as what is being broke open.

It is my goal for every person that enters into a group break on my site to feel that they are getting great service, fast delivery, and a fun exciting atmosphere. If you have any questions about any of my breaks, please feel free to email me or ask in the breakers chat when we are live on my Breakers TV site.

Thank you and enjoy the breaks!

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