No Break Goes Hitless

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Taking a break from breaks for a bit, hope to be back sooner than later.  Need to focus on my website singles and ebay listings for the time being.  Thanks for your understanding and see you all again soon!

10% discount for new customers use code new10 and 5% discounts on 3 spot purchases or more in the same transaction will be discounted automatically.  Offers can not be combined!  Happy shopping!

Group Break Rules

1. All prices are in Canadian dollars.
2. All “hit” cards will be shipped to the user’s address provided for each corresponding team spot.
3. The card will be given to the team listed on the front of the card. If there is no team on the front, the team on the back of the card will be used. If no team is on the front or back, the team the player played the most games with will be awarded the card.
4. If the player is not of the league (i.e., women’s national team, special insert card, etc.), cards will be assigned a team at the end of the break via randomized five times with the top team claiming the card.
5. If the card is of a player in their junior/international/college team jersey, they will be awarded to the team that they played with that corresponding year.
6. If the card is of a team that no longer exists they will be awarded to the team that they relocated to. Here is a list,
Atlanta Flames became Calgary Flames
Original Winnipeg Jets became Arizona Coyotes
Atlanta Thrashers became current Winnipeg Jets
Colorado Rockies became New Jersey Devils
Quebec Nordiques became Colorado Avalanche
Hartford Whalers became Carolina Hurricanes
Minesota North Stars became Dallas Stars
7. If a card has more than one corresponding team on it (i.e., quad material cards having four different players), each corresponding team will get an entry on for the card at the completion of the break. They will be randomized five times with the top team claiming the card.
8. Cards that do not fall under any of these circumstances will be awarded via randomized five times with the top team claiming the card.


What are group breaks?

Group breaks in simple terms are multiple people buying a spot or spots, which get assigned teams of a trading card product that is then opened live for everyone to see.  They are a great way to collect value cards for less investment than buying a whole box.

How are teams assigned in team random breaks?

Depending on the product being opened, teams are loaded into, they are randomized five times and the spot number designated to the team is then pasted into a spreadsheet, all participants are then loaded into and also randomized five times those corresponding spot numbers are then matched up to the team list spreadsheet.  Three minutes will then be allowed for trading prior to breaking of product.

I can’t be online when the break is happening. How can I see my break?

All breaks are loaded onto my YouTube channel for watching after all breaks have finished that day.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I ship to the Canada, US, and European countries at this time.

What forms of payment are accepted?

I accept payments via Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

Do you ship base cards?

Only in the high-end products, if you would like base cards just let me know.  There will be a cost for shipping them.

How are cards shipped?

I ship all cards via Canada Post regular mail. If you would like tracking, please contact me for pricing.  All cards will be shipped within two regular business days of the break completing.  All cards are shipped in toploaders, in team bags with decoys in front and in bubble wrap.  I find the cards stay more protected than in a bubble mailer.  I am a top-rated seller on eBay, so I take pride in my shipping service!

When will the breaks happen?

Breaks are posted on my site and listed for break on a certain date.  If on that date all the spots are not filled, it will be held over for the next broadcasting date.  It’s hard to estimate how long a break will take to fill up.